08/29/2011 07:27 pm ET | Updated Oct 29, 2011

Foo Fighters 'Hot Buns' Video: Band Nude In The Shower (NSFW VIDEO)

By getting fresh, the Foo Fighters are getting really dirty.

The band, winners of their second MTV Video Music Award on Sunday, dropped the new, very NSFW video for "Hot Buns," on Monday. Dressed up like hillbilly cowboys, the band's members don't touch any instruments, putting their hands only on each others' behinds. Oh, and the shower walls.

No worries, though; it's all in good fun. And the band has a tradition of videos featuring them fighting foo in a single room; remember that "Monkey Wrench" video back in the mid-90s?

And it goes without saying, this video is is the perfect example of what they were talking about when they defended rock music Sunday night.