08/29/2011 05:54 pm ET | Updated Oct 29, 2011

NYC Hurricane: How To Help In NYC After Irene

Hurricane Irene may have weakened significantly by the time it hit our shores and its damage may have relatively minimal, but there are still those in the city that need help. Here are a handful great ways to give back to the community after the storm.

1. For starters, The New York Blood Center desperately needs blood donors, ABC News reports. The Center lost out on an estimated 2,000 donations after closing its offices in all five boros because of Hurricane Irene.

Its normal three-to-five-day inventory level has dropped below the two-day minimum and the Center is looking for all types of blood, including O-Negative which can be transfused into anyone.

2. Clean out your cabinets and use this handy Food Bank for Greater New York food program locator to find a place to donate all of your storm supply of tuna cans, peanut butter and cereal. There are people who need it.

3. Donate all of your extra batteries to children's hospitals where they'll be used for toys. The Village Voice suggests contacting the AARP, who has a toy donation program.

4. Also! Is this your adorable yellow and white kitten? She's in Clinton HIll. Someone named it Irene. Come claim it. It's friendly but "freaked out".