Steven Cross, Minnesota Man, Abandons Son Due To Money Woes

08/30/2011 09:30 am ET | Updated Oct 29, 2011

An 11-year-old Minnesota boy woke up last month to an empty house and a note from his dad saying that he could no longer provide for him, the Star Tribune reports.

Steven Cross, 60, of Lakeville, Minn. had raised his son, Sebastian, since he was a baby. But, once his financial woes started mounting, from a foreclosed home to five civil judgements totaling $35,000, the single parent decided to leave his son behind with just two curt notes on July 18, the newspaper reported.

The Star Tribune offered the text from one letter:

"You know your dad loves you more than anything...There are no jobs for architects so I have to go because the sherriff [sic] will take the house July 27th. There will be no more me...There are many great years ahead for you. No so for me."

According to the Pioneer Press, Sebastian's neighbor received a call from a woman claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of Cross. Allegedly, Cross sent her an email from a library in Carmel, Calif., admitting to leaving his son and that he was "depressed and sleeping in the streets."

FOX News reported that officials are still looking for Cross, who has been charged with gross misdemeanor of a child neglect.

Sebastian is currently living with a foster family until he can be placed with a relative.

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