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13 Facebook Posts That Got People Arrested

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 08/30/11 06:51 PM ET   Updated: 10/30/11 06:12 AM ET

Facebook wall posts, photos, messages, events pages and more can be helpful tools for authorities tracking a suspect, serving as key evidence in criminal cases. Recently, it's become more and more common for police to turn to the social network during investigations.

Check out 13 posts that got people arrested (below). Do you think these arrests were fair? Cast your votes and let us know in the comments. Then, check out our previous list of Facebook posts that got suspects nabbed, as well as our slideshow of Facebook posts that got people fired. And for good measure, take a look through our helpful list of 13 things you should never post on Facebook.

Photos Of Strangle Victim
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In December 2010, a former New York EMT, Mark Musarella, pleaded guilty to charges of misconduct and disorderly conduct, according to the AP. "Prosecutors say Musarella responded to a March 30, 2009, emergency call in Staten Island, where he snapped a picture of a woman who had been strangled. He then posted the image on [Facebook], the AP also writes.
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