08/31/2011 08:37 am ET | Updated Oct 31, 2011

'College Republicans': Paul Dano To Play Karl Rove In Richard Linklater Film

Having already played a creepy, semi-charismatic practitioner of fanatical and manipulative gospel in "There Will Be Blood," Paul Dano should be well prepared to take on his new role.

According to The Wrap, Dano will play Karl Rove in a new film from director Richard Linklater called "College Republicans." Written by Wes Jones, the film will be about, "when Karl Rove and Lee Atwater first met, which is when Karl Rove ran for president of the College Republicans, and that's when they sort of discovered dirty tricks," producer Maya Browne said.

Rove later became George W. Bush's top political strategist, charting out his rise to the Presidency, many of his presidential decisions, and his re-election campaign. Bush affectionately referred to him as Turd Blossom.

It'll be a change of pace for Linklater, who is known for his romances "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset," alt films "Slacker" and "Dazed and Confused," doc "Fast Food Nation," and, most recently, the Jack Black-starring comedy, "Bernie."

Dano, who broke out in the hit indie comedy, "Little Miss Sunshine," most recently appeared in the westerns "Meek's Cutoff" and "Cowboys and Aliens."

Toby Jones played an adult Karl Rove in the 2008 Oliver Stone film, "W."

For more on the film, click over to The Wrap.

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