Savannah Guthrie's Frog Terror On 'Today' (VIDEO)

08/31/2011 12:42 pm ET | Updated Oct 31, 2011

Savannah Guthrie has proven herself a sharp interviewer, grilling Christine O'Donnell over her interview walk-off and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on "Meet the Press."

So who would guess that Guthrie's kryptonite is none other than frogs?

The "Today" co-host had to face her fears on Wednesday when the morning show hosted a country fair that brought the amphibians, along with games, a 1,000 pound pig and butter sculptures, to 30 Rock. Guthrie looked visibly freaked out, yelling, "No, I'm serious!" as Al Roker pulled her towards a frog. "Are you afraid of a little frog?" Roker teased. "How are you going to do the frog jumping?"

But for someone with a "deathly fear" of frogs, Guthrie was a good sport when it came to participating in a game of frog-jumping. Unlike her co-hosts, Guthrie didn't handle the American bullfrogs, which she called "a little icky," using a spray bottle to make the frog jump faster.

"Oh my God, you can just set him right there," she told the frog handler, screaming and shaking her head. "Do I have to touch him?" When Lauer and Roker held their frogs to her face, she ran away, yelling, "Oh my God, stop it, stop it!"

The past weeks have proved that Guthrie has a thing about animals. During a recent cooking segment, she was both grossed out and emotional about cooking fish.


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CORRECTION: Savannah Guthrie grilled Christine O'Donnell over her interview walk-off, not Michele Bachmann as the article originally stated.