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Snooki Explains To Jay Leno What 'DTF' Means (VIDEO)

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Snooki fans who are eager to smell like the princess of Poughkeepsie will be glad to learn they won't be smelling like a pickle.

The "Jersey Shore" star stopped by "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and gave him the lowdown on her new scent. Snooki told Leno that while deciding what her fragrance should smell like she nixed the pungent smell of pickles, opting for something that's "flirty and bubbly" like her personality, "and obviously something DTF."

Leno wasn't quite as up to date on acronyms favored by the "Jersey Shore" kids, confusing it with DDT -- a controversial pesticide. Snooki had to inform Leno, as well as guest Jeff Bridges, that DTF means "down to f**k."

Upon learning what DTF really meant Leno took the opportunity to point out that Snooki's father was in the audience and asked Mr. Polizzi if his daughter has ever embarrassed him. To which he replied, "Oh yeah, you got about an hour."

And if you were wondering about all those rumors about the pint-size partier appearing on "Dancing With The Stars," she explained they never called her. While Snooki admits she's too busy right now to do the show with all the new products that she's launching, she definitely wants to dance in the future.


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