09/01/2011 10:13 am ET Updated Nov 01, 2011

Denver's Hottest August In Nearly 140 Years

It was a scorcher in August -- so hot that it will go down in the weather almanac as Denver’s hottest August in 139 years, since the government began recording weather patterns. August had an average temperature that was 4.5 degrees hotter than usual and the temperature reached 90 degrees or higher for 22 of the 31 days of the month, according to Fox31.

9News reports that five record highs were set or tied during August: 98 degrees on the 18th, 23rd and 31st -- tying previous highs, 98 degrees on the 24th and 99 degrees on the 25th -- both breaking record highs set previously.

August also brought us our 70th straight day of temperatures either at or above 80 degrees -- the last day that Denver was in the 70s was June 21st, 7News reports.

According to CBSDenver, it looks like the heat wave will continue into September -- the record high for September 1st is 97 degrees, also the hottest temperature ever recorded in the month, Denver will likely hit 97 by mid-day Thursday and maybe even surpass it.