09/05/2011 01:35 am ET | Updated Nov 01, 2011

Working Women: Amazing Historical Images (PHOTOS)

On Labor Day it's interesting to think about the work you might have been doing had you lived fifty or eighty years ago. If you were working class or poorer and needed to support yourself or your family, you might have found yourself toiling in a textile mill or filling mail orders or welding, to name a few of the occupations women around the world have held through the years.

Thanks to Life.com, we're able to feature these amazing historical photos of women at work. (View the full gallery on LIFE.COM.)

Did your mother or grandmother do work similar to any of the jobs shown here? We'd love to hear her story in the comments below, or feel free to email it to us at women@huffingtonpost.com.


Women At Work: Amazing Historical Photos