09/02/2011 05:47 pm ET | Updated Nov 02, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Blasts Frank Rich, Obama Jobs Speech (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh seized on Frank Rich's recent criticism of President Obama, blasting Obama's planned jobs speech and alleging that the members of the mainstream painted a false portrait of him for voters.

Frank Rich had appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Thursday, criticizing President Obama's tenure and his administration's handling of the jobs speech that initially conflicted with the GOP debate. Rich had said, "I think it's amateur night," adding, "That speech really better be dynamite."

Limbaugh reacted to Rich's remarks on Friday, commenting on what he believes is the uselessness of Obama's speeches. He said, "Obama has shot his wad here, folks, I mean he's done every -- every speech possible to make, he's made, on every subject. What can he do?"

"I think these Democrats like Frank Rich, they understand it," he continued. "They understand that it's farce and nonsense, 'this speech better be dynamite.'"

Directing his message to Rich, Limbaugh concluded, "Frank, the only thing Obama could do that would be convincing -- that big speech next week -- would be to resign."

Limbaugh also went after Piers Morgan for asking what "values" Obama actually stood for. He tapped into his inner Jon Stewart, playing a series of clips of people such as Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw, all of whom were heard asking similar questions to Morgan's.

"We're into almost three years of this and you guys are the ones who painted a picture of this guy for the country!" Limbaugh thundered.

Listen (via RightVid):