Joe Adams Touchdown: Arkansas Player Turns Fumble On Punt Return Into Score (VIDEO)

09/04/2011 06:52 pm ET | Updated Nov 04, 2011

Very little went right for the Missouri State football team on Saturday night. Meanwhile, it seemed like Arkansas could do no wrong.

Joe Adams' touchdown on a punt return in the 3rd quarter of the Razorbacks' 51-7 win proved without a doubt that even Arkansas' missteps kept them heading in the right direction.

Not only did the Arkansas receiver muff the catch and recover it at his own 16-yard line, but he also ran across the field twice en route to the 78-yard score.

As Andy Hutchins of SB Nation pointed out, the senior ran almost 30 seconds off the game clock as he put the Razorbacks up 44-0.

Although the college football season has just barely begun, it's hard to imagine too many more plays will occur that will be as equally at home on a highlight tape and a blooper reel.