09/06/2011 03:21 pm ET | Updated Nov 05, 2011

John Henderson, Veteran, Takes Down Torn American Flag At Burger King (VIDEO)

John Henderson wasn't pleased with the tattered American flag hanging from a flag pole at a Ohio Burger King, so he took it down himself.

"I took it in my own hands," The Vietnam veteran told Fox 8 Cleveland. "Whether it be right or wrong, I have a deep feeling for this country and all the people who died for it."

The Associated Press reports that Henderson said the flag is a symbol of sacrifices soldiers have made and that he just couldn't let it go.

A Burger King employee who works at the Perkins Township restaurant reportedly threatened to press charges against Henderson. But a Burger King executive struck a more conciliatory tone, promising to replace the distressed flag and invite Henderson to a flag-raising ceremony.

Henderson told the Sandusky Register that the ragged flag weighed about 100 pounds.

Burger King’s district supervisor told the Register that the store's flag cost $350 and that wind easily damages it.

"They cost too much money to be replaced every couple weeks," he told the news outlet.

WATCH via the Sandusky Register: