09/06/2011 09:07 am ET | Updated Nov 06, 2011

Hitler's Tea House Becoming Popular Tourist Destination (VIDEO)

The Eagle’s Nest, a tea house atop Kehlstein peak in Bavaria built for Hitler in the late 1930s, is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination. The house sits 6,000 feet up in a scenic mountain range, but the real draw seems to be morbid curiosity.

This year, 300,000 tourists (mostly Americans and Brits) have visited the chalet to look at the rather pleasant and quaint spot where Hitler sat as his troops burned down large parts of Europe. The inside of the Eagle’s Nest looks like a slightly worn Bavarian restaurant and the outside looks like ski lodge.

A restaurant and even a gift shop have been built at the “Kehlsteinhaus” and a visit already runs tourists 20 euros. Last year, according to German tourism authorities, the site was only visited by 30,000 people.

Though Hitler did use the house, the Daily Mail reports that he only did so very occasionally because he was afraid of heights.

Tourism to Nazi sites shows no sign of slowing down in Europe. From the Ukraine to the UK, tourists seem eager to engage with the history and legacy of WWII.