09/07/2011 09:08 am ET | Updated Nov 07, 2011

David Letterman Lists Top 10 Signs Michele 'O'Bachmann' Campaign In Trouble (VIDEO)

David Letterman reprised his "Top 10 Signs Michele O'Bachmann's [sic] Campaign Is In Trouble" list on Tuesday night's "Late Show," and while we still don't get why he's so intent on calling her "O'Bachmann" (Obama plus Bachmann?) we do enjoy his musings on her campaign.

In the months after his previous list, Letterman has found even more Bachmann fodder to work with. There's her husband's "Pray the gay away" methods, her insistance that weather is a punishment from God, and the fact that she "Ranks behind that creepy middle-aged white guy, that other creepy middle-aged white guy and barely ahead of that OTHER creepy, middle-aged white guy," to name a few.

Hear Letterman present the full "Top Ten" list below.


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