09/08/2011 09:02 am ET | Updated Nov 08, 2011

Peter Facinelli Has Sticky Fingers In New 'Loosies' Trailer

From blood sucking to pickpocketing, it seems as though Peter Facinelli's off-screen good guy charm can't catch a break on-screen. The "Twilight" star's newest project, "Loosies" casts him as a criminally cool pickpocket who finds no problem with stealing a woman's wallet only to invite her out to dinner to return it.

But things get heavy when a meaningless one night stand turns into much more -- a mini protege or partner in crime, perhaps?

Plus Facinelli isn't only lending his once pale face to the lead role but also wrote the screenplay.

Is Facinelli's new project stealing your interest or should he stick to what he does best -- being patriarch to a clan of brooding vampires?

Check out the trailer for Facinelli's "Loosies" below: