09/09/2011 04:57 pm ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

Dan Rather Reflects On His 9/11 Experience (VIDEO)

Veteran anchor Dan Rather reflected on his experience covering 9/11 in a video for AOL.

Rather was, of course, the leading anchor for CBS News at the time of the attacks. In the video, which was filmed overlooking Ground Zero, he said that he was in the shower when he heard a radio report about the first plane hitting the North Tower.

"I immediately went out on the balcony of my apartment building and I could see smoke coming out of one tower," he said. Rather then rushed into CBS News, where he quickly took control of the network's coverage.

Rather also talked about the tension that journalists feel between their emotions and their responsibilities during a catastrophe. He said that there is a tendency to "seal out all the emotion," and that his feelings about the attacks only hit him "days later."

Standing in front of the still-gaping hole where the towers once stood, Rather said that the country "still stand[s] in the shadow of what happened that terrible clear morning." Still, he concluded, "we're on our way back."

Watch video above.