Tom Brady's Got A New UGG Commercial (VIDEO)

09/09/2011 09:57 am ET | Updated Mar 12, 2012
  • Ellie Krupnick Senior Editor of Viral Content and Strategy, The Huffington Post

We suppose we've seen stranger collaborations, but this one just feels a little pathetic.

Tom Brady appears in a new commercial for UGG, backed by the lyrics of Mos Def. The ad, posted on Youtube this week, will air during the first Monday Night Football game in a clear appeal to NFL-minded fans.

In other words, not exactly UGG's main clientele.

Although Uggs might actually be the best thing to wear at a chilly, outdoor football game (like the New England ones Tom Brady plays in), the shoes are more typically associated with Paris Hilton and mall-going teen girls from Long Island. No longer au courant, the brand made a splash years ago and over time has become (in some circles) a punchline at the end of a joke about ugly shoes...

But the California-based brand, it seems, is not giving up. It named Brady the face of its men's collection last year and has now put Brady's face (well, more his feet) to good use with a TV commercial.

Check out UGG's attempt at gritty manliness below -- we really want to love the ad, especially considering how much we adore Brady and his wife Gisele, but it's hard to take seriously the idea of anything, even Tom Brady, making UGG shoes cool.