09/12/2011 12:42 pm ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Joseph Winchester Accused In Murder-Suicide Of Two Young Texas Boys

A Texas man allegedly murdered two young boys before killing himself on the front lawn of their home, police said Sunday.

Officials with the Harris County Sheriff's Office received a disturbance call at approximately 5:40 p.m., Sunday. Police said that when they arrived, they discovered Joseph Winchester, suspected killer of 10-year-old Harris Archer and his brother Jhaden Archer, 8, lying dead outside the Spring home, according to KHOU.

Police said the older boy was dead when they arrived, while younger brother Jhaden passed away later that day at Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

"It is disturbing because of the ages of the children," Sgt. Felipe Rivera of the Harris County Sheriff's Office told KPRC-2.

Early reports indicated that police were unsure of the relationship between Winchester and the two boys. A later report from the Houston Chronicle explained that Winchester was a cousin, temporarily staying with the Archer family.

Officials have not offered any motivations for the incident, but did say that neither substance abuse nor a history of mental illness were responsible.