09/13/2011 03:44 am ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Morgan Spurlock's Comic-Con Documentary Reveals The Passion Of The Fan

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock debuted his latest, 'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope', at the Toronto International Film festival this weekend. Spurlock, best known for his Academy Award- nominated film, Super Size Me, chose to remain behind the camera to focus on the experience of several hardcore fans attending the annual event in San Diego.

The film focuses on a range of characters, including a costume designer, a Colorado comic book dealer and three other ecstatic fans as they navigate the cultural center of fandom that is Comic-Con. The idea for the film came about after Spurlock met
his childhood idol and Marvel Comics guru, Stan Lee, at a party. Lee reportedly told Spurlock, “We should make a documentary about Comic-Con” (As told to the Daily in the video below.).

After the idea was devised, Spurlock’s agent set him up with Joss Whedon, director of the upcoming Avengers film, to produce along with Lee, Thomas Tull, and Harry Knowles. In contrast to his other films, in which, Spurlock has been the main focal
point, Comic-Con shines the spotlight on the devoted fans, much to the delight of early reviews. suggests the film for “anyone who has never been or wants a better idea of the diversity and the various kinds of people/geeks/nerds/fans who make a yearly pilgrimage to San Diego every July to attend the world's greatest comic book convention.”