09/13/2011 02:09 pm ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

'Drive' Director Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Ryan Gosling Bromance

Though it's just their first film together, since the Cannes debut of "Drive," much has been made of the obvious affection between Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas WInding Refn. It probably helps that the two shared some playful smooches at the red carpet premiere of that film, of course, but there's still been an uncommon focus on the actor-director relationship.

Not that they're discouraging it.

Refn, who won the best director award for the film at Cannes, spoke to GQ about his cosmic connection with the star of his new-noir flick -- amongst other things, he discussed that famous, flu-ridden and drugged out car ride that ended in tears and a plot -- and their future plans together.

"Well, I mean, film works when a director and a star have a connection," he told the magazine. "You know, when there's something telekinetic between them, there's a partnership, it's like alter egos. It's like James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock, or Fellini and Mastroianni. I'm not comparing, I'm just saying, if you can come into a relationship where the director and star have such a bond, it's so much easier to make a movie."

In fact, the pair is already teaming up on two more films, the remake of the actioner, "Logan's Run" and the drama, "Only God Forgives."

Since they're spending so much time together, it's a good time that Winding Refn's wife is a fan of Gosling's (though, who isn't).

"My wife really liked him, which was a big plus. I knew she would like him. I'd seen a few of his movies, I hadn't seen like 'Half-Nelson' or 'Lars and the Real Girl' because I don't see many movies anymore because I have kids," he continued. "When they're in bed about 8:30 or 9 p.m., you're so exhausted, the idea of watching a movie is non-existent because you have to get up at 7:00 a.m. again! But my wife had seen many of his movies. I love him. I don't love him the coward way, I love him the European way, which is genuine."

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