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Gary Walker, Australian Man, Endures 90-Minute Crawl For Help After Being Impaled On Spike (VIDEO)

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Paramedics compared an Australian man to TV survival expert Bear Grylls, after he was impaled on a steel spike, and endured a 90-minute crawl to summon assistance.

Nine MSN Australia reports that Gary Walker fell from a lookout and impaled his leg on a steel picket.

Walker pulled the spike from his leg and managed to give himself medical aid before he passed out from the pain of his injury. Australia's The Age quotes him as saying:

''When I pulled [the picket] out I got an instant dizzy spell, like I was going to faint and pass out straight away,'' he said. ''I thought this is it, I've got to get a tourniquet.

But Walker's ordeal did not end there. He had to spend 90 minutes crawling up a 165ft embankment in order to reach his car, where he could access his cellphone to call for help. He told reporters from his Melbourne Hospital bed.

"You see the Hollywood movies where the guy brings out the spear through his chest and that sort of stuff and you go, 'Oh, rubbish, you can't do that'. You can, you just got to have the determination."

Walker, who describes himself as a fan of British TV adventurer Bear Grylls, told Australia's Herald Sun that he would now at least have one story to swap with the famed survival expert:

"He's broken his back and other things. I'm not even close to Bear Grylls, to what he's gone through,'' he said.

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