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Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly Reunite On Fox News (VIDEO)

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Glenn Beck showed up to his old stomping grounds on Monday, returning to Fox News for an amiable chat with Bill O'Reilly to discuss his new Internet channel, GBTV.

Beck and O'Reilly have long set aside any heavy policy discussion in favor of a vaudeville-style comedy double act, and Monday's segment was no different. O'Reilly welcomed Beck by saying that, with his new goatee, he looked like "an aging rock star" and a member of Crosby, Stills and Nash. He then turned to GBTV, which premiered on Monday. He noted that Beck has expanded his personal show to two hours.

"One hour isn't enough!" he said. "Two hours of are just going to bloviate for two hours?" Beck said that "GBTV is a verb, not a noun," and that he was looking to tell people "what do we do with this information?" He also noted that there are other people involved with the show.

"You have sidekicks!" O'Reilly jeered. "Like you are to me!" Beck was momentarily speechless, but when he regained his voice, he mentioned that he has someone trying to organize college campuses around the principles of his network.

The two then discussed the GOP debate on MSNBC. Both agreed that Rick Perry was correct to call Social Security a Ponzi scheme, and Beck said he didn't think the debates were all that important anyway. He said he hated people talking about whether or not people looked "presidential."

"Did you see Taft?" he said. "Did you see Lincoln with the big wart on his face?"


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