Ayelet Waldman Tweets She Got HPV From Michael Chabon

09/14/2011 03:04 pm ET | Updated Nov 14, 2011

Much to the nervousness of anyone who's ever shared a secret with her, Ayelet Waldman, wife of talented novelist Michael Chabon, is still very much on Twitter. Over the years, Waldman's taken to the internet to tell us she loves her husband more than her kids, and that her husband's skinny, and that she wants to jump him. Her latest reason to flash us is Michelle Bachmann's flawed anti-vaccine attack during the Republican debates. Waldman took offense, and tweeted this:

To the conservative nutjobs: I got HPV from my husband, who got it from his 1st wife. I ended up w/cancerous cervical lesions.

How unsolicited! Looks like some real bait for conservative nutjobs everywhere, not to mention Chabon's first wife.


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