09/14/2011 03:17 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Phallic Sculpture In Dunedin, New Zealand Causes Uproar

“Why are we spending $50,000 on an embarrassing penis?” This is the question Dunedin, New Zealand city council member Lee Vandervis has asked over a new public sculpture, titled Haka Peep Show, that has been erected in the city center.

Installed to coincide with the Rugby World Cup, the 5-meter structure features portholes in which rugby fans can watch videos of a haka, a traditional dance and chant practiced by, among others, New Zealand's celebrated All Blacks rugby squad.

The structure's shape was allegedly inspired by Rexona, a deodorant brand that sponsors the All Blacks, but it's not hard to see how it might be mistaken for a more suggestive shape. When confronted about her aesthetic decision, artist Rachael Rakena assured the press that she “thought about it long and hard before deciding.”

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