09/14/2011 09:10 am ET | Updated Nov 14, 2011

Kattia Liebers, Pa. Mom, Reunites With Son Through Facebook After 12 Years (VIDEO)

After searching for 12 years, Kattia Liebers and her son were finally reunited on Sunday, thanks to a Facebook exchange, reports.

“I was crying every day,” Liebers told Fox 29 of losing her son. “I could not eat, I could not sleep.”

While embattled in a bitter custody dispute in Costa Rica, Liebers’ ex-husband ran off with their 5-year-old son, Jared. Liebers searched for Jared for years, eventually moved to Montgomery County, Pa. and kept her married name so that her child could find her one day. While living with his father in Israel, Jared had also been on a desperate hunt to find his mom.

That day arrived when Jared wrote a hopeful Facebook note to Liebers, the news outlet reported.

"Hi is this Kattia Chacon Sanchez by any chance?... "I'm Jared Liebers," the message read. “"If you're Jared Liebers, I'm your mom, and I love you very much," his mother wrote back.

Jared moved to the United States on Sunday and reunited with his mother after more than a decade.

“I saw her standing there in the window. She was beautiful,” Jared told the news outlet. “I can actually feel the connection of a mother’s love. I can actually feel her.”

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Mother, Son Reunite After 12 Years Apart:

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