09/14/2011 05:50 pm ET | Updated Nov 14, 2011

Lady Gaga Sports A Metal Arm In New 'You And I' Video (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga's first video for "You and I" was a breath of fresh air: stripped down, straight hair blowing in the wind, in a simple silk slip, Gaga was au naturel and a pleasure to watch.

So of course for her second installment of the five-part video series, called "HAUS OF Ü ft. BRIDE," the performer was back to her Gaga ways, clutching her naked chest, covered in metal wires and making unpleasant faces at the camera.

Although her bare top make sit pretty clear for all to see that she's a woman, Lady Gaga seems to be channeling her male alter ago, Jo Calderone (you know, the cigarette-smoking, thick-accented guy who attended the 2011 VMAs on Gaga's behalf), with her wide black pants and jacket.

Shot by fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh, the video is very Gaga, save for the song which always reminds us of something we'd hear performed at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Check out Lady Gaga getting back to her normal (read: utterly not normal) self in "HAUS OF Ü ft. BRIDE" below.