11/02/2011 11:52 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

Fry-Free Foods: 10 Crispy, Crunchy Chicken and Fish Dishes

Everyone loves fried food, just think of crispy fried chicken or fish and chips. It's no wonder these types of dishes are our go-to comfort foods. They're hearty, flavorful, and they always hit the spot. Frying isn't nearly the healthiest option, though. So what other options are there? How can you get that crispy exterior and that tender, moist interior that frying promises? We have the answer for you.

Oven-frying! (It's basically baking.) You can produce great results in your oven. Flour, dredge, and coat the chicken or fish in crumbs just as you would for frying, but instead stick it in the oven. Our collection of recipes includes oven-fried chicken pieces, nuggets, fish and chips and fish sticks. Please your family for dinner tonight with any of these recipes.

Fry-Free Chicken And Fish Dishes