09/17/2011 12:27 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

GM Blue Roses Coming Soon To The U.S.

The once unattainable blue rose will go on sale in the U.S. and Canada this November.

These flowers have been sold in Japan since 2009, and believe it or not, it took 20 years to develop through genetic engineering.

As Wired explains, "the rose is genetically modified to synthesize delphinidin, a pigment found in most blue flowers."

The Japanese floral company, Suntory Flowers, plans to sell 300,000 of the blue roses in 2012 under the brand name "applause," reports The Japan Times. CNET notes a single rose can be bought for almost $50 in Japan.

This isn't the first time flowers have been modified. In 2008, scientists genetically engineered flowers to make them smell 10 times more powerful, reports Science Daily. The $31 billion flower industry is interested in creating unusual breeds to capture the attention of customers looking for something unique and special.

Environmental groups and the EPA are concerned about the long term effects of some genetically modified products. Many suggest that more longitudinal studies of GM crops need to be done.