09/17/2011 10:04 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Demi Lovato Thanks Fans, Gets Ready For 'Unbroken' (WATCH)

As Demi Lovato’s army of fans already know, she’s a resilient young woman -- and the singer decided to thanks her supporters and explain how the past year of her life has changed her.

“I never thought i would live a life like this, then one day, I woke up, and everything had changed,” she says in a new video post, called "A Letter To My Fans," expressing her gratitude to her fans and amazement of where life has taken her -- even during her darkest days.

“Last year everything stopped and for the next three months I woke up in a treatment center every day, away from my family and friends,” she says. “I spent a lot of time and holidays thinking there. I thought about the sadness that I felt, the pain that I was in and the addictions that I was struggling from.”

Lovato entered a rehab facility last November for problems including an eating disorder and cutting herself.

Last April, three months after leaving the treatment center, Lovato opened up about her personal struggles and revealed she has bipolar diorder.

"I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar," Lovato told PEOPLE.

Now, Lovato is back in the music scene and ready to drop her latest album, Unbroken. But just because she’s back in the spotlight doesn’t mean she has put her past troubles behind her.

“This is an ongoing process and the hardest part about these diseases is that they're things that I'm going to have to face every day for the rest of my life,” she told AOL in July. “I'm going to mess up and I'm not going to be perfect, but as long as I try everyday to get better and better myself, then I'm one step ahead of where I was before.

Lovato’s new album, Unbroken, drops Sept. 20.