09/19/2011 09:00 am ET | Updated Nov 19, 2011

Jane Lynch's Best Emmy Moments: Emmys Host Zings Betty White, Ricky Gervais & The Cast Of 'Entourage' (VIDEO)

It's not easy to get a few laughs from a Hollywood crowd -- just ask Ricky Gervais!

Yet, Emmys host Jane Lynch seemed to balance good humor with good taste as she delivered some zingers at everyone from Bristol Palin to Betty White and controversial Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais.

But our personal favorite?

"A lot of people are curious why I'm a lesbian," Lynch told the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of 'Entourage.'"

Yeah, it just doesn't get any funnier than that. And after the show's awful series finale, we think Vince and the boys totally deserved that one.

What were some of your favorite Jane Lynch lines of the night?