Jeremy Shipley, Locked-Out Denver Man, Falls From Balcony (UPDATE)

09/20/2011 09:10 am ET | Updated Nov 20, 2011

By Associated Press

DENVER (AP) -- Authorities say a Denver man who fell to his death from an apartment building was intoxicated and was trying to climb into his own apartment after locking himself out.

KMGH in Denver reports that 24-year-old Jeremy Shipley fell some 40 feet early Sunday. A police report says Shipley was trying to climb to his fourth-floor balcony because he locked himself out of his apartment.


7News reports that Jeremy Shipley did not die from the impact from the fall, as originally reported, but instead died from a surgical complication -- more than eight days later. John, Shipley's father, recounted the moments after the fall where his son had suffered several broken bones and underwent routine surgery. However, Jeremy suffered an embolism during a surgical procedure. Fatty tissue got into his blood stream as a steel rod was being inserted into a bone and blocked blood flow to his brain causing him to never regain consciousness.

Shipley had a tremendous amount of potential as Westword points out -- turns out he had accomplished quite a lot in his young life as his LinkedIn profile indicates.


Shipley fell while climbing, landing on the first-floor balcony of another residence.

Witnesses called police, and Shipley was pronounced dead at Denver Health Medical Center. An autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday.

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