09/20/2011 03:20 pm ET | Updated Nov 20, 2011

Netflix Streaming Social Media Silence In Response To Criticisms

In the wake of its controversial move to split DVD services into a separate business called Qwikster, Netflix has been unusually quiet.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings buried the news in the 10th paragraph of an apology Monday morning, confusing some and leading to an avalanche of comments on the Netflix blog, many of them not kind.

It didn't help matters that the new service Qwikster couldn't secure its Twitter name since it was in the control of a pot-smoking elmo (the avatar has since been changed and the Twitter user says he's open to negotiations to selling the account).

So how did Netflix respond to this new wave of criticisms?

At least in the past 24 hours, social media silence.

As thousands of tweets are sent to the @Netflix Twitter account, the last tweet there was on Monday morning:

@ netflix : Hello Netflix followers. We’ve been listening. See CEO Reed Hastings’ explanation on changes to the service

Even more bizarre, the company's official "help" account @NetflixHelps, touted in the official account's bio, has been silent since Saturday, Sept. 17. It too has received plenty of replies, and despite the bio saying "Tweets will be responded to M-F," not a single tweet was sent Monday. Tuesday has also started out silent.

Its Facebook account too has stayed silent.

One problem with staying quiet is the Internet can mock its slow response, and right on cue, a @NetflixGlobalPR parody account has already started up, firing tweets like, "Really hoping Hulu makes a bad public decision today."

This could be a sign of Netflix holding off on public statements, hoping to ride out the wave of criticism or perhaps pondering its next move. Whatever the situation, the Netflix stock hasn't had a very good day, and the company may want to respond to dissatisfied customers soon.