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Roundup: Apps That Turn Doing Chores Into A Game (For iPhone, iPad, Android and Web)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 09/21/11 09:13 AM ET   Updated: 09/21/11 01:26 PM ET

Pulling a child away from an X-Box to clean her room or take out the trash can be, well...a chore. But what if the key to getting kids to handle their own household responsibilities came neatly packaged in electronic game form?

Enter a slew of apps for mobile phones, iPads and the web that make charts and stickers seem oh so passé.

While each program has different perks -- some morph your children into chore-battling avatars! -- they all make the daily grind of getting tasks done a lot smoother and, dare we say it, fun.

Vote on the high-tech options we’ve found below and let us know about any apps we’ve missed in the comments!

iReward Chart
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Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Cost: LITE version -- supports one child and four tasks -- available for free. Unlimited is $3.99

iReward Chart, winner of the "Best Parenting App" award at MacWorld 2011, is an incentives based to-do list that will have your children scrambling to be on their best behavior. Create a list of tasks for your children by choosing from categories that include chores (clearing the table), responsibilities (brushing teeth) and behavior (not talking back) -- Or, create your own assignment i.e. Try to eat something that isn't a chicken nugget!

Kids get gold stars (which gives them points) if they complete a chore and red stars (which subtracts points) if they forget to clear the table. You decide how many points it takes to get a prize (for example, 25 stars could be worth a night out bowling , 500 stars -- a trip to a theme park). It's up to your children when they want to cash in.
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