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Cute Inter-Species Animal Families [VIDEOS]

First Posted: 09/21/11 11:52 AM ET   Updated: 09/21/11 01:49 PM ET

In the children's classic "Is Your Mama A Llama?", Lloyd the llama searches the animal kingdom to find out how many of his friends have mama llamas. The calf's mama is a cow; the joey's mama is a kangaroo; the duckling's a duck... but alas, no inter-species mash-ups.

These videos, however, show that unexpected — and often food-chain-defying — filial relationships do exist in the animal world, from mother pigs raising baby tigers to mama tigers nurturing piglets.

Maybe it's time "Is Your Mama A Llama?" got a sequel.

Let us know which animal pair you love the most by voting on the slides below!

Mother Crow Adopts a Kitten
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Apparently crows are drawn to more than just shiny objects... Meet Mo the Crow and an abandoned kitten.
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