09/21/2011 02:17 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2011

BBOX Radio, Station That Broadcasts From Brooklyn Shipping Container, Starts Kickstarter (VIDEO)

Since moving into its home inside a recycled shipping container in the Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn three months ago, BBOX Radio has been hard at work putting together an impressive lineup of music, radio theater, political debates, art critiques and interviews with local Brooklyn leaders and legends.

Here's a sampling:

The BBOX Radio Sampler by BBOX Radio

It's all free, streamed online, open to the public, and puts a stress on promoting local talent.

"While some people are into slow food, we're into slow media," Donna Zimmerman, one of the founders, told GOOD magazine back in June.

And now, having successfully turned their big metal box into a space that can accommodate a radio station, an art gallery, and music venue for live performances, the BBOX volunteer crew is looking for a little love from the community, and has started a Kickstarter:

We started BBOX with the winnings of Urban Space's "Not Just A Container" design competition which included $3,000 and six months free rent at the market. That money was quickly gobbled up by building materials and other mundane costs like mandated insurance. But we dug into our pockets, borrowed some equipment from our friends, and put together a Frankensteinian studio that's gotten us by.

Your pledges will take BBOX shows to the next level. That requires setting up our live online radio stream, paying for music royalty costs, and buying equipment for the station, so we can return our friends’ gear.

To get a good feel for the project, check out the video below. And then, if you're so inclined, you can donate here.