09/22/2011 05:37 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

New York Subways To Start Cellphone Service In 6 Stations

New York subways are about to receive a whole new dose of chatter, as six stations will be equipped with cell phone service by Tuesday next week. If you're one of those with an insatiable addiction to their phones, rejoice! For the rest of us, we can't help but fear the inevitable downside underground cell phone service may bring.

AT&T and T-Mobile customers will be the first to receive service. Unfortunately, as with the iPhone, those under Verizon's network will have to wait for further developments.

The six subway platforms include:

  • CE line at 23rd Street and 8th Avenue
  • ACE line at 14th Street and 8th Avenue
  • L line at 14th street and 8th Avenue
  • 123 line at 14th street and 7th Avenue
  • FM line at 14 street at 6th Avenue
  • L line at 14th street and 6th Avenue

The pilot program does not have a reported end date and the subway system's total of 277 stations could take up to four years to connect.

Gawker provides a nifty etiquette guide for cell phone loving riders already salivating at the news:

If you want to talk while walking down the sidewalk, that's fine, because you're just like a passing ambulance, but no talking while standing still. I don't want my commute ruined by being forced to listen to your side of some stupid fight you had with your boyfriend or talk to your mother about he weather in Boca.