09/22/2011 05:40 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

Young Brad Pitt Stars 'Dallas': Brad Pitt In 80s Soap Opera

In promoting his upcoming "Moneyball," Brad Pitt--and his comments about Angie and Jen--seems to be everywhere.

Don't you long for the days when Brad was just a terribly attractive actor who could appear/be interviewed without dragging out his controversial past?

Thanks to Snakkle, you can revisit the actor's simpler days. In the late 80s, the mega star was actually a guest on the popular soap opera, "Dallas."

Snakkle spoke to the show's casting assistant at the time, Bianda Cioffi-Zaring, who knew Pitt was destined for greatness. She recalled the first time she laid eyes on the blond hunk, "Standing in the back left corner of the room was Adonis, and I was just startled, like, Oh my God!”

Below is a clip from the show where a baby-faced Pitt has to obey a patriarch's protective rules.

Oh, and we just couldn't help but notice the amazing similarity to another baby-face Pitt.

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