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1 to 10 Scale 'Outliers'

First Posted: 09/23/11 06:02 PM ET Updated: 11/23/11 05:12 AM ET

Jonathan Bernstein thinks Perry's lead is partly a bounce that will dissipate regardless of his debate performance.

Beth Reinhard argues the primary calendar works in Romney's favor.

Ed Kilgore ponders Perry's weaker numbers in the Suffolk NH pollKevin Drum expects support for raising taxes on the wealthy to be soft.

Scott Clement questions Huntsman's 10 percent support in the Suffolk University poll.

Greg Sargent quarrels with Matt Bai, says public supports raising taxes on the wealthy.

Kevin Drum expects support for raising taxes on the wealthy to be soft.

Mark Penn decries Obama's embrace of "class warfare," Jon Chait rebuts and notes Penn's "abhorrence of data."

Glen Bolger finds voters in no hurry to pass Obama jobs bill.

Frank Newport considers the role of public opinion polls in shaping policy.

John Sides reviews evidence that polls underestimate support for women candidates.

DemFromCT worries that Perry's comments will hurt efforts to promote the HPV vaccine.

Howard Fienberg speculates that a proposed change to the TCPA may allow auto-dialed poll calls to cell phones.

FakePewResearch debuts on Twitter.

XKCD weighs in on 1 to 10 scales.

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