09/23/2011 04:55 pm ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

'Jack And Jill' Poster: Adam Sandler Is His Own Sister

Back in 2009, it seemed like Adam Sandler had turned a corner in his career. He was starring in hit machine filmmaker Judd Apatow's newest film, "Funny People," collaborating with his old roommate on a heavier type of dark comedy that he had largely avoided in his undeniably prolific, broad humor career.

As part of the film's promotion -- and later as part of the film itself -- Sandler, who was playing a veteran comic stuck in a career rut and just diagnosed with cancer, featured in a number of ridiculous fake movie trailers and posters. They were for films like "Mer-Man," in which he played a half-man, half-mermaid; "My Best Friend Is A Robot," where he played a guy with, you guessed it, a robot for a best friend; and "Redux," in which he played a baby.

Those films seemed reminiscent of some of his old roles -- as the son of Lucifer in "Little Nicky," a mentally handicapped football player in "The Waterboy," and an Israeli barber in "You Don't Mess With The Zohan." While he had undeniably made some great films, those titles were not amongst them. And in "Funny People," he seemed to be acknowledging that, and moving toward a more mature, full-bodied array of choices.

And now, "Jack and Jill."

Sandler's next film will feature him playing his own sister, an annoying, uglier version of himself that comes to visit for the holidays. The conceit of the film is that the sister is awful -- at least in her brother's eyes -- but nonetheless, it's stil being made, and Sandler is still donning the horrid makeup.

Though "Bucky Larsen," the Nick Swardson-starring film he wrote and produced, tanked at the box office, "Jack and Jill" will most likely make money, coming out during the Holiday season and playing to family audiences. But the poster, released today, is worth noting for its, well, digression from the advances he seemed to make on "Funny People."