Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Photos; The PDA Pair

09/23/2011 08:57 am ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Remember the days when everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston and her mysterious new beau, Justin Theroux?

Well, it seems those days are long gone and Thursday night was no exception. Jen and Justin were snapped arriving at Christie's 20 Rockefeller Plaza for a romantic date night.

The often leather-clad duo have been spotted, often arm in arm, making their love known. It began early this summer during their romantic getaway to Hawaii where they were spotted out together taking in the tropical sights.

As of late, the pair have been caught getting cozy at events, like her Hand And Footprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre back in July, and grocery shopping in New York City earlier this week. It seems every day, photos surface of the lovebirds showing some public displays of affection.

Take a peek at the pair during their summer of love.


Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: PDA Pair