09/25/2011 01:49 pm ET | Updated Nov 25, 2011

Animal Photos Of The Week

Saving children, frolicking around, even creating some artwork -- animals were quite busy this week.

A brave horse in Montana helped a woman save an eight-year-old boy from a charging bear. Other bears were just looking to have some fun. Two brown bears at New York City's Bronx Zoo seemed to enjoy smashing pumpkins and carving up a tasty treat.

In honor of Elephant Appreciation day, check out the painting by an elephant in England.

Sadly, some animals don't have it so easy. PETA and Bob Barker recently teamed up in a petition to help save some of the three to four million animals killed yearly in U.S. shelters.

HuffPost blogger Mikko Alanne revealed that a shocking video of factory farms in Finland is making waves. He writes, "Instead of charging a single pig factory farmer with cruelty to animals, Finnish authorities are prosecuting the two activists who made the undercover videos, Karry Hedberg and Saila Kivelä. The charges are "aggravated defamation" of the nation's pig farmers and "disturbing the peace.""

Check out this week's collection of animals, ranging from cute and friendly to fascinating and ferocious.

Animal Photos Of The Week 9/25/11