09/25/2011 01:14 pm ET | Updated Nov 25, 2011

'SNL's Top Gun 25th Anniversary DVD Includes Never-Before-Seen Screen Tests (VIDEO)

Fans of the classic "SNL" Star Wars auditions sketch got a special treat on this weekend's season premiere with the "Top Gun 25th Anniversary DVD" ad. The fake release features previously unseen screen tests by Al Pacino (Alec Baldwin), Tony Danza (Fred Armisen), Harvey Fierstein (Bill Hader) and more.

Frankly, we could watch a few more hours of Baldwin chewing the scenery as Pacino and Hader flabbergasted that the producers don't understand how "gay" their script is: "I say, 'Ice Man's on my tail, he's coming hard.' I literally said that to a bathroom attendant last night."


And here are a few more that didn't make the initial cut: