Rick Perry Ad Hits Mitt Romney Over 'No Apology' Book Changes

09/26/2011 10:57 am ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

Rick Perry's campaign released an ad Sunday attacking Mitt Romney for changing a passage in his book, No Apology, that deals with the health care reform law Romney passed in Massachusetts. "I stand by what I wrote, I believe in what I did, and I believe that the people of this country can read my book and see exactly what it is," Romney said in Thursday's GOP debate. "Words have meaning."

The ad says that, in the original version of Romney's book, the former Massachusetts governor presented Romneycare as a national model, writing: "We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country." That line disappeared from the paperback version of the book.

Romney's edits aren't limited to health care -- he also added a stronger critique of the economic stimulus, and added in references to Glenn Beck's 9/12 movement and Joe the Plumber.

The Democratic-aligned group American Bridge also hit Romney in a video for flip-flopping by quoting his "words have meaning" line.

Perry has faced questions over his own book, Fed Up!, particularly his criticism of Social Security as unconstitutional.

However, his communications director said the book should be considered “a review and critique of 50 years of federal excesses, not in any way as a 2012 campaign blueprint or manifesto.”

WATCH: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney spar during last week's GOP debate: