09/26/2011 05:41 am ET | Updated Nov 25, 2011

'Jon Stewart Show' Reel From 1994 MTV Show Hints What's Next... Sort Of (VIDEO)

With high ratings, critical acclaim and a record-setting 16 Emmys, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" has become a paradigm-shifting cultural touchstone. But based on this reel from "The Jon Stewart Show," few may have guessed that the host of the MTV chat program that ran from 1993 to 1995 would go on to substantially alter -- or at least mock -- our national dialogue.

By the time Stewart took over "The Daily Show," he had played the straight man to Adam Sandler in "Big Daddy," a fictionalized version of himself as the guy who takes Larry Sanders' job, and the host of early Comedy Central stand-up show, "Short Attention Span Theater." But it was "The Jon Stewart Show" on MTV that allowed him to hone his hosting chops, albeit in a very different form.

The reel was apparently sent to potential guests to let them know that it was "safe to come on the show," according to the uploader.

The show, whose ratings were second only to "Beavis and Butt-Head" on MTV, could not look more dated to today's audiences, from the observational jokes to the zany talk show bits, to the '90s chart-toppers like The Cranberries and Gin Blossoms. It's the same beloved Jon Stewart, for sure, but watching how he transformed from a wise-ass kid who hosted a celebrity chat show to a wise-ass man who helps take down leaders in politics and media is truly special.


Via Vulture

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