09/27/2011 08:04 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2011

LA Dodgers' 'It Gets Better' Video: It Doesn't Matter Which Team You Cheer For

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the latest sports team to lend their support to the It Gets Better Project against gay teen bullying and suicide.

The 'It Gets Better' video features coach Don Mattingly, James Loney, Matt Guerrier, Jamey Carroll, A.J. Ellis, Rod Barajas and Hiroki Kuroda saying, "you are worthy," and "you're not alone, we're on your side" in English, Spanish and Japanese. For an industry where gay role models are few and far between, that's saying a lot.

LAist also brings up an interesting point:

In declaring "It doesn't matter which team you cheer for," the Dodgers video also doubles as a somber follow-up to the opening game day tragedy in the stadium parking lot that found San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow the victim of a brutal beating handed down by a Dodgers fan.

Kudos to Melissa Prowant of Lakewood, California, for coming up with the idea. On August 10, Prowant created this petition on directed at owner Frank McCourt and three other team stakeholders asking them to create an "It Gets Better" video. The petition collected 1,500 signatures.