09/27/2011 01:10 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

Meghan McCain RedState Parody Post Removed After Lawsuit Threats

Don't mess with Meghan.

Last week, conservative site RedState posted a Meghan McCain parody, mocking her criticism of Rick Perry as "George Bush 2.0." McCain threatened to sue and RedState agreed to remove the post.

Some of the parody's best bits:

Firstly in the first place, some people had a question about my very obvious statement, “I don’t necessarily agree that Rick Perry is George Bush on crack, but he could definitely be described as George Bush 2.0.” The question, I have most often, been asked, is why I did not include literally anything in the piece to back up this claim or point out, the places where Perry and Bush are similar, the reason for that being simple. Hello? They are both from Texas.

The complaint alleged that, essentially, the post sounded too much like McCain and might confuse readers into thinking that she actually wrote it. McCain's lawyers accused the blog of violating its own ethics code as well as state laws.

“We’re confident that we are within our rights to parody and mock Meghan McCain on this, but it is frankly not worth our time,” the redundantly-named RedState co-founder Erick Erickson wrote. "We’re actually stunned that any reasonable person could read those posts and think a living human being wrote them."

This isn't the first time the Daily Beast blogger has butted heads with the conservative blog. RedState bloggers have written a slew of posts bashing McCain, her columns and her book.