Megyn Kelly Defends Debate Audience Members Who Booed Gay Soldier (VIDEO)

09/27/2011 04:26 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2011

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly defended members of last Thursday's GOP debate audience who booed after watching a video of a gay soldier asking about the don't ask don't tell law.

The moment drew widespread attention and, on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden called the booing "reprehensible" during an appearance on "The View."

Kelly objected to Joy Behar's criticism that the panel did not criticize the members of the crowd who booed. She said that there were "perhaps a total of two boos," and questioned the premise that the audience was booing the man because he was gay.

"Were the boos the gay soldier, or at his question?" she asked. "Do they boo when they see he is a gay soldier, or when he makes clear that he wants gay rights protected?"

Kelly concluded by defending the audience in general. "Those attending these debates are entitled to their point of view," she said. "...If an audience is disruptive, that's one thing, but this audience was respectful with virtually no exceptions."

Kelly has defended gay rights before, notably in her contentious interview with Dr. Keith Ablow on his remarks about Chaz Bono.

Watch (via Johhny Dollar):