09/28/2011 03:39 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2011

Museum Bursts Through Giant Sculpted Head (VIDEO)

Vegas, eat your heart out: a new museum in the works, 'La Paille Dans L'œil Du Voisin,' brings imaginative architecture to surreal new heights. French sculptor Sosno and Lithuanian architect Rytis Daukantas are combining forces to create an art gallery in the shape of Sosno's sculpture of the same name, consisting of a building jutting through a sculptural head.

Planned to be located in Nice, France, the 22-meter tall structure will hold 600 square meters. The museum will appear to break through the sculpture's forehead and an elevator will go up and down the neck. A conference room, souvenir shop and balcony will all be included in the four-level gallery space. The building adheres beautifully to Sosno's "art of obliteration", which employs distorted images that require the imagination to be completed. See the breathtaking vision in the video below.