09/27/2011 02:38 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2011

NYC Lightsaber Battle 2011: A Very Nerdy Flashmob Takes Over Washington Square Park (VIDEOS)

The force was with a nerdy flashmob Monday night as hundreds of Star Wars enthusiasts crowded into Washington Square Park for the second annual New York City lightsaber battle.

Metromix reports that there were a "few lost zombies (with lightsabers), a very aggressive Pikachu and other motley assorted characters, and a handful of bewildered NYPD officers" and of course, many that dressed up as their favorite siths or Jedis.

There were lightsaber demonstrations and some people even placed bets on the battles.

Kevin Bracken, one of the organizers of the event from Newmindspace (the same group behind this massive pillow fight), told Gothamist that "easily 1000 people showed up" and that his favorite moment was "an epic Braveheart-style skirmish with deafening cheers from each side."

The only problem from the festivities? According to Bracken, who talked to The Empire State Tribune in the first video below, was that there wasn't enough space! He hopes that he can find a place next year that's both "dark and spacious".

Let's just hope George Lucas doesn't show up with a cease-and-desist order.

NYC Lightsaber Battle 2011