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Randall Lee Church, Texas Man and Ex-Convict, Sets House On Fire To Go Back To Prison (VIDEO)

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Most prisoners might dream of freedom, but freedom proved to be too much for one former Texas convict.

Feeling out of his element outside of prison walls, Randall Lee Church set fire to a house in order to go back to jail, according to a story first reported by the San Antonio Express-News.

Church, a convicted murderer, was freed from prison in April after serving 26 years, only to find himself living in a world he barely recognized -- a world full smartphones, laptops, Facebook and other technological advances.

"Everything had gone fast forward without me," Church told the San Antonio Express-News. "I didn't know how to use computers or cellphones or the Internet."

Church yearned for familiarity, and he had a plan. A few months after his release, Church set fire to an abandoned house and confessed to police. He said he hoped arson would send him back to prison, where he could resume his job as a janitor, he told the San Antonio Express-News. Church was recently serving time at Bexar County Jail.

Church now realizes crime wasn't the best option. He admits he should have sought help, the Daily Mail reports.

Church's situation is unique; his mission was to head back to prison because he couldn't cope. But it's not uncommon for ex-convicts to land back in jail for other offenses. About four in 10 offenders find themselves in prison within three years of their release, the UPI reports.

For more on the story, watch the video above, or read the original report by the San Antonio Express-News.

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